Hi there

We’re 3 friends who think that you shouldn’t have to pay extortionate rents for poor quality homes.

Everyone deserves a safe place to call home and the freedom to make it their own - without fear of eviction or crazy rent hikes. 

That’s what we’re building.

The Roost team

Ben helped improve the lives of exploited workers. Andrew worked with charities and startups to solve homelessness. Tess is co-op obsessed and has both lived in co-ops and tried to set up her own.

Our values

Power to tenants

We exist to give members power over their homes.

Common(s) good

Living in common can be amazing, or terrible. When it’s terrible it’s usually for the same reasons. We work on making the commons good to live in.

Clarity and ease

Setting up a co-op takes an average of 5 years. We're removing the barriers by making it as easy as possible. This is a value we have woven into every element of the business, to make the process as accessible as possible.

Why we’re doing this

We believe:

Housing co-ops solve housing crises

A startup can make 100,000 more of them in the next 10 years

We know co-ops can do this because we’ve seen co-ops do this in the Bronx, Zurich, Germany, Denmark, and 70s London. We’ve pulled together some British co-ops we love.

We're a 'tech-for-good' start up and have been inspired by startups like Farewell, Olio and JustGiving who have run before us.

We're handing over control to the tenants. And we're going to do it over and over again - in a way the rental sector has never seen before.

Make renting obsolete

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