What is a co-op?

Co-ops are organisations that serve their members. Everyone gets an equal say in how they're run.

A bit like a limited company, charity or community group - it has it's own legal structure.

Essentially they are businesses - there are cafe co-ops, food co-ops and housing co-op, to name just a few.

In a housing co-op - the members are also the tenants,who manage the property.

This means you become the landlord. It's more responsibility but much more freedom too.

The challenge

Co-ops are popular in places like Germany, Denmark and Austria. In fact 1 in 5 people live in a co-op in Zurich.

But sadly they take years to set up here - an average of 5 years.

This is because setting up the legal structure can be challenging and inaccessible. Banks in the UK find them difficult to understand and this makes it hard for co-ops to get off the ground.

We're changing this and making it easy to start one with your friends.

Start a Roost

Why start a Roost co-op?

Why start a Roost co-op?

Roost tackles the biggest challenges of setting up co-ops in the UK.

1) Finding a suitable home (our tech helps you find homes

for sale in your area tailored to your monthly budget)

2) Finance for the home (Through our network of banks and lenders -

we help buy the home for the co-op)

2) Running the property (We make it easy for you to run and manage the co-op)

We charge a 10% fee each month to cover costs and help more people launch Roosts.

We're changing renting forever

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