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Stay as long as you like. If you wish to move out - it’s also straightforward.

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Paint the walls, have a pet or install solar panels - it's your house to make a home.

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Fix maintenance issues, sort finances and find flatmates - all from one simple app.

How it works

How it works

Roost helps tenants set up housing co-operatives. With a co-op, you can take control of your home and stay as long as you'd like by taking a long lease from a building owner.

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89% of renters say they've had a bad experience.

89% of renters say they've had a bad experience.

So did we. We got fed up of waiting weeks for problems to get sorted. But after living in housing co-ops, we knew there was a better way.

Current Roosts you can join

The Marples, Sheffield city centre

The first Roost is a large co-living building. It has 5 flats, with between 4 - 11 en-suite bedrooms.

I want to live in The Marples




The Marples



Enterprise House, London Fields

4 and 5-bed flats down the hall from each other, in a converted warehouse.

I want to live in Enterprise House

London Fields


Enterprise House


en-suite / shared

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  • You can be evicted if the landlord wants to sell or move back in. ❌

  • They can be slow to fix stuff. ❌

  • Surprise rent hikes and exploitation, especially if you're living in a popular city. ❌

  • Inspections and intrusions in your home. ❌

Roost Co-op

  • Stay as long as you like in a Roost home ✅

  • Roost supports you to maintain the property yourself. ✅

  • Rents stay fair, transparent and predictable . ✅

  • You're the landlord - so no one can intrude. ✅


Roost member London

" I used to live in the biggest student co-op in the UK and I loved it. But in the past I have rented houses where I wasn't even allowed to put up a poster! Roost allowed me to enjoy co-op life again; agency in my home and a community of people I care about."


Roost member in Sheffield

"I feel a sense of freedom that I haven't before anywhere I've rented. I've been able to make changes to my accommodation, which I thought would only be possible if I owned my own place, its made it feel much more like home."


Roost member in London

From having landlords tell me I couldn’t plug in a toaster to having a flatmate unplug the tumble dryer whilst my clothes were drying; I wasn’t particularly looking forward to going through the absolute effort of finding a place to live. When I first read about Roost, I thought it was too good to be true. Turns out it’s better than what I imagined. I get to finally do what I want with my space that I pay for, live with people who I genuinely love the company of and best of all? Not have to deal with a landlord or agency.

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