Lease to someone who loves your property as much as you do

Roost tenants want to stay long-term and improve the home they live in. Who better to lease to?

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why lease through Roost?


1 monthly payment

Lease payments that come in each month, with no work from the landlord.


Condition+ rent

Roost guarantees the rent and the condition of the home on return.


Direct to tenants

Co-ops allow tenants to have security and control of their home. Without agents.

how it works

Roosts are housing co-operatives for the 21st century. Lease directly to the tenants, via a co-op they own and control. Roost makes sure that the tenants do a good job.


The Marples


London Fields

Enterprise House


List a property on Roost

who wants to live in a Roost?

Roost tenants tend to be 25-35 and want to live in major cities.

They face a choice: buy in the suburbs, or houseshare in the centre -- and they choose the latter.

do banks allow co-op lets?

Tenants take on a 'corporate let' via their co-operative. Check with your bank to make sure they allow this. For example, Barclays allow "A Company/Corporate Lets (for a minimum term of 6 months and maximum term of 3 years)"

Make renting obsolete

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